Its a Dogs Life -

Training that WORKS! With 3 locations in the Cleveland area,
We are The place in Cleveland Ohio to learn about your dog, his habits and desires.

Learn the most effective ways to communicate and turn him into a well adjusted member of your family.

                                                                       Classes forming now, call Terry Miller at 216-321-DOGS
We are on the east side of Cleveland.
We are on the west side of Cleveland.

We come to your house.
You can come to our training facilities.

We work one on one.
We work in a group.

We help modify complex problems.
We teach simple basic training.

We use positive balanced training techniques.
We use consequence balanced training techniques.

We work with 2 pound dogs.
We work with 200 pound dogs.

We work with 8 week old puppies.
We work with adult and older dogs.

We teach your dog to come.
We teach your dog to stay.. and everything in between.
Housebreaking. Chewing. Biting. Stealing. Barking. Jumping.
Fear of people. Fear of thunderstorms. Fear of being alone.
Sit. Down. Stay. Come. Heel. Stand. Walk.Quiet.

It's all about your dog.
It's all about you.

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